So Sad: Seyi Law Mourns The Recent Death Of Daughter On Instagram

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Comedian Seyi Law and his wife Stacy just lost their unborn child who they had already christened Cossy, this week.

Stacy lost the baby she was supposed to give birth to in Maryland, US this April. She’s been in the US since December awaiting the birth of her child only to lose it this week.

Stacy announced the loss of her baby girl on her BB some days ago. She wrote “We lost our baby (daughter) Ccossy R.I.P. Thank God for his strength. I am still standing. Please bear with me I can’t explain to you all.”

Seyi Law addressed his sorrow on Instagram. He posted a pitch black photo and accompanied it with a poem;

My heart is blank,
My joy has disappeared,
Anger has become my companion.
The wait is over with a bitter end.
Oh Lord! why does it have to be me?
I am so imperfect and never denied it.

The pains of nine months has amounted to nothing.
We believe so much in you.
How do I console her when I can’t find strength myself?
I thought my feet will dance this season.
I have enlarged my tent in waiting,
But my wait has been hit with sadness.

I don’t want to murmur or complain,
But my emotions are hurt.
Help me to stand Lord.
So, I can always be thankful.
I want to be stronger in praises this period.
I want to hold her hands to comfort her.
Help us to pass this season while standing.
Rest well Cossy.

Cossy would have been the couple’s first child since their marriage in March 2011, and they have been hoping for a child since then. This is even evidenced when in 2014 Seyi Law met Pastor E.A Adeboye in a wedding he was anchoring and humbly knelt down for the revered preacher to pray for him to have a child.

Pastor Adeboye praying for Seyi Law
Pastor Adeboye praying for Seyi Law

May they find comfort in their loss and may they be blessed with a child again.



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