Skales And Wizkid; The Heat Is Getting Hotter!

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Sylvia Eneghalu

Sylvia Eneghalu

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  1. Skales is actually the dumbest nigga i ve ever seen, talking like wizkid is actually lying or beneath him even he hasnt even made shit yet tho, this should jz definitely ve not done this, and for ur info, ur best track is wizzy’s own at the wackiest level, yet wizkid own cant be compared to urs bcos his wackiest sells and makes sense than your best e.g Shake body to ‘sound it’….so skales stop talking like u already av shit plus the only person to boast of achievements here is wizkid bcos he is the one who has worked hard here and gotten results, now rich and famous while you after years still aspire,so nigga, u were in no position to talk especially like dat and to of all pple, wizzy who had you, dumb shit…!!!

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