Side Chics, Girlfriends, Wives, Et al. 21 Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life

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It is 3 days to valentine’s day, this post is for those of you who were hiding under the canopy of the election and now have no idea what to give your significant other.VDay1

The best part of this list is that there is something for what ever type of relationship you are currently in.

Some of these gifts are delicate. Let me explain: the last thing you want to do is give your girlfriend who has never gone to the gym all her life a work out gear. You also do not want to give a girl who hardly ever wears make-up a make-up kit for valentine’s day.

There is nothing absolutely wrong in trying to help your girlfriend improve her looks, but keep your help in your pocket till after valentine’s day. I did not include automobiles in the list, but if you can afford it, why not? I also did not include chocolates for quite obvious reasons.


1) Make-up Kit

2) Portable speakers

3) Lingerie

4) Teddy bears

5) Perfumes

6) Spa treatment

7) Cakes

8) Handbags

9) Shoes

10) Work out gear (If she works out)

11) Wristwatch

12) A make-over(Make-up & hair)

13) Wine

14) Sunglasses

15) Jewellery

16) Swimwear

17) Dresses

18) Bath gift sets

19) Gadgets:Phones, Laptops, Tabs

20) Luxurious weekend getaway

21) Flowers

Let us also not forget to show some love and kindness to those who have nothing. This can be by just giving the homeless man  on your street -with no access to clean water- a bottle of water or by paying someone’s hospital bill.

Have a wonderful valentine’s day and keep refreshing 360nobs. Cheers.




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