See The Popular Nigerian Dolls Outselling BARBIE !

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” I am a Nigerian girl, In a Nigerian World” The song my younger female siblings grew up with is beginning to change with effect.

The song my younger female siblings grew up with is beginning to change with effect. Gone are the days when kid sisters would love to always jump at any Barbie doll. The story is about to change, or has started to change.

Here in Nigeria, the era of the Barbie dolls will soon be over as a Nigerian businessman, has started the creation of his own doll range when he couldn’t find a black doll for his niece. Known as the Queen of Africa dolls, these dolls have a traditional wardrobe to die for and come armed with their own handbags and brushes.

These cool girls have become so popular here in Nigeria that they are outselling the Barbie dolls here. The names of the dolls are Nneka,Wuraola and Azeezah. The trio are modeled on the three biggest tribes in the country and their style is apparently reflective of this.

Nigerian Doll

Nneka represents love, Azeezah is the queen of peace and Wuraola represents endurance, they are priced at around £4.50 and are apparently selling up to 9,000 units a month – about 15 per cent of the country’s toy sales.

Taofiq okoya
Taofick Okoya with the dolls

Taofick Okoya, who came up with the dolls, says he wants them to be a positive example of African history, culture and fashion so that girls like his daughter and niece can feel proud of their heritage.

‘I needed to make her proud and happy being a black African girl, and not limit it to her alone as this was a common trend among the younger generation,’ he told ELLE.

The Queens Of Africa dolls

‘The Queens of Africa became a platform to achieve this.’

The dolls are available for sale in Nigeria’s toy stores as well as internationally through the Queens of Africa website.


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