Sam Smith’s Music Teacher Proud Of His Grammy Success

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British soul singer, Sam Smith, got four Grammy awards at the Awards show which held on Sunday night. The awards included prestigious prizes for Best New Artist, Record of the year and Song of the year. He was rewarded for being the only solo artist to sell more than one million albums in both the UK and US in 2014.

Sam Smith

Starting early at the age of 9, under the tutelage of his childhood music teacher Joanna Eden; Sam studied, wrote, sang as well as learnt the rudiments of Music. His teacher ‘shed a few tears’ at his success in an interview with BBC’s David Sillito.

The minute Sam opened his mouth to sing to her, she knew he was way going to be a superstar! She knew he was extraordinary, but she never saw this kind of fame coming. Sam wrote his first ever song when he was only 17.

A relentless fellow, he has said before he made this award winning record, that he had done everything to make better music. He once made awful music, tried to lose weight, and all of those times felt rejected. It was until he started being himself that the music started to flow, and the people started to love him for being himself.

In Sam’s acceptance speech, he thanked everyone for accepting him the way he is. He thanked the man who broke his heart which lead to his album composition and of course 4 Grammys.

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