PENIS ON THE RUNWAY! See Male Model Walk Naked At New York Fashion Week [PHOTOS]

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Just when the females think they are the only one that’s got something to show-off, the guys called them out! Show your breasts and we’ll show our willies! This one is strong!

As one of the most influential designers in the world, when Rick Owens sent male models down his AW/15 runway in man-meat flashing ensembles (which included the side-peen and underd*ck), we knew it was only a matter of time before others followed.

Yesterday at New York Fashion Week, a male model hit the catwalk with nothing but his own hand to cover his modesty. The  barefoot model, who hit the catwalk wearing nothing but a gold velour cape, accessorised with a gold bangle and some kind of gold willy ring, made a truly valiant effort not to look like he was having THE WORST DAY EV-ER as he sashayed past the gawping crowd cupping his balls.




The ensemble was the vision of American label MTCostello – a collaboration between two-time Project Runway contestant Michael Costello and his sister Stephanie – and was shown as part of the Art Hearts Fashion Show Presented By AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Here is what Rick Owens showcased during his collections at the Fashion week. Rick Owens – lover of grunge sportswear – sent models down the catwalk in monastic style tunics complete with, um, pubic air holes.

He went on to describe it as a sort of religious experience. He writes: ‘a kind of religious tribal element seeped in with shift-like robes, some dangling with fluttering materials reminiscent of wind chimes. Some of them had an arched peephole opening revealing the model’s manhood. ‘This actually heightened the religiosity aspect. It wasn’t done in bad taste, but it was mysterious, like sending out bold fertility gods,’ he adds.







Imagine this becomes a trend and catches on. I mean, people begin to walk naked with their willies all over the place. Oh wow, we go back to the medieval times, days of our forefathers and we start this fashion all over again. LOL Yes, side-peen is now a thing. Or underd*ck if you prefer.

Culled from MetroUK

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