Opinion Poll: Ballsy Or Foolish?

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Valentine’s day was some days back and as usual, it was a day to celebrate and appreciate the person/people in your life. So many celebrated in different ways; some went on a private boat cruise, romantic dinner for two, some just stayed at home to enjoy the company of the other. Some got cakes, chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals and all sort of gifts for their loved ones but this particular girl decided to stand out. She decided to customise “I Love Fucking You, Ayomide Mi” on her tee and from her picture, she was at Ikeja City Mall.

Shocked beyond words, I put it up as my dp and got so many comments about the girl and the ridiculous inscription on her tee. Some called her trashy and stupid but I sincerely think the girl is ballsy. She is bold enough to wear a controversial tee and not worry about what people have to say. Like a friend said, that’s the most sincere thing I’ve seen in a long time. She loved sex with her boo so much she didn’t mind telling the world.

To me, she is bold; very bold. I like her courage. What do you think? Is she foolish to put what’s meant to be private for the public to see or she is very brave for doing that? Will you do the same for your boo or allow your girlfriend wear such tee? If she was your friend, would you have gone out with her to such a public place as the Ikeja City Mall or anywhere else? Ayomide must be proud of himself though, lol.

Alice Temitope Dako

Alice Temitope Dako

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