Online Magazine The Naked Convos Launches App; Offers To Pay Contributors

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The Naked Convos (TNC), the acclaimed and award-winning Nigerian youth online magazine has followed up its successful 2014 after winning the prestigious Black Weblog Award USA and publishing it’s anthology – These Words Expose Us, with the launch of its official android and blackberry app.

According to its founder, Olawale Adetula, “we are always looking for ways to ease access to our community. The TNC community has grown to be one where young Nigerians and indeed Africans world over come together to have open and honest conversations about any and everything.”

“As a result, we feel no young African should be denied the opportunity to join the conversation. With the TNC app, existing members of the community can keep up with all the updates on the site and also share what they find interesting with their friends.”

Along with the app, TNC also announced the launch of its monthly literary magazine aptly named Wazi. According to Wole Talabi, TNC fiction editor-in- chief, “Wazi is a monthly African youth fiction magazine. In its pages, you will find short stories and poems about Africa, by young Africans written for Africans.

In Swahili, Wazi means ‘exposed’. We chose this name because we believe that open expression is one of the keys to changing the single-story narrative of Africa and we believe that well-written stories focused on the youth are an especially powerful form of open expression.

Story-telling is a great African tradition and we believe that well-written fiction is one of the most potent ways to expose the parts of our lives that are so often ignored.”

With the announcement also came something in the form of a surprise to the Nigerian youth said Wole Talabi. “How many times have you looked at the submissions page of an African Literary magazine and read something like: unfortunately, we are unable to pay contributors at this time.”? With Wazi, there will be none of that. We will pay a token flat rate of $5 USD or £3 GBP for every story we choose to publish in the magazine.”

In conclusion, Adetula said “As we continue to celebrate these new milestones, we hereby invite all young Nigerians to download our app from the Google Play store and also visit the TNC website to submit their stories and opinion pieces.”



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