OMG! Kanye West Went To A Fast Food And Guess What He Did?!

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This guy obeys no rules and he doesn’t care. His straight face alone just keeps you at bay. He knows how to get your attention.

Kanye is no new comer to doing unpredictable stuffs. I mean, the Musician interrupts people’s acceptance speeches during award ceremonies and gets away with it. Well, maybe not getting away with it literally but he just got a way of doing certain things that puts you in awe. In one word, he is a non-conformist.

Imagine you are in a fast food outlet and the world’s richest person comes in to create a scene. LOL. Exactly!

Reports say West and his entourage were in the branch of Nando (A fast food outlet) for 20 minutes and chowed down on lots of spicy rice.

He is then said to have stood up on the table and yelled: ‘If you want a picture with me, now is your chance!’

Kanye can be seen stood on a table grinning (yes, actually smiling) to let fans take photos while Nando’s customers chant ‘Yeezy’. What a gent.

Putting his hood up, because ‘no more pictures, please’ obviously, he then jumps off the table to cheers.

Pictures of his makeshift meet and greet started popping up on social media, and those who had only popped in for dinner. By the way, this happening was before the BRITS Awards that held yesterday.

Jordan Abiola

Jordan Abiola

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