Oh No! Amber Rose Hits Back Hard At Khloe (and Kim) Kardashian

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Like we earlier reported, Khloe Kardashian addressed Amber Rose on Twitter for throwing shade at Kylie Jenner. She took a shot at Amber Rose mentioning how Amber has been stripping since 15.

Well, Amber Rose came back full swing with a reply to that tweet that is supposed to be nice but is all kinds of evil. First of all, she didn’t deny that she was a stripper at 15, she was even glad Khloe mentioned it.

She then went for the jugular she will be a whore if it provides for her family, just like Kim Kardashian did.

Kim Kardashian got famous off a sextape in which she featured alonsgside a then popular singer, Ray J. The Kardashian family in turn benefitted from the success with the rest becoming celebrities as well. However, they do not like to admit that Kim’s porn appearance was the road to success, so Amber definitely touched a nerve there.

She then signed off.

But no, she didn’t sign off at all. Even asking Khloe to come at her as Khloe threw another subliminal



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