Obasanjo’s Exit As An Indication Of The Freedom Nigerians Needed From The PDP- Ondo APC

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Over 500 PDP Members Defect To APC In Akwa Ibom
Well this particu;ar set are estatic.
According to the Ondo state chapter of the All Progressives Congress, the dramatic fashion in which Olusegun Obasanjo, departed the Peoples Democratic Party, was a sign of the end of the impact of the ruling party in the political scene of Nigeria.
Obasanjo had on Monday, February 16, announced his exit from the PDP during a press conference where he ripped apart his membership card.
In a statement released in Akure on Wednesday, February 18, the Ondo APC publicity secretary, Omo’ba Adesanya, described Obasanjo’s action as an indication of the freedom Nigerians needed from the PDP.
The APC statement read in part: “To those who are poised to effect positive change in the Nigerian polity, it marks an end to impunity, unemployment, infringement on human rights, insecurity, corruption and economic backwardness and sabotage.”
“To those who are opposed to this positive change, they see it as a mere display of frustration from this erstwhile leader. Whether it is a positive action or otherwise, time will definitely tell.”
Furthermore, the party pointed out that Obasanjo’s tearing of his PDP membership card meant that the party had been torn into shreds, thus marking its end in the country.
The Ondo APC added that Jonathan’s treatment of Obasanjo was similar to the President biting the finger that fed him and that his refusal to heed “pertinent counsels” had plunged the country into serious economic and security problems.
Chioma Halima Olabode

Chioma Halima Olabode

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  1. APC you people should stop propagandas,Are u trying to tell me that OBASANJO is the owner of this country?or is a semi god in dis country.u are just fighting a blind fight.GEJ has already win the fight says the LORD.BUhari should go and confess his sin and accept JESUS christ as his lord and personal saviour before he can associate with christians.all those tricks he thought is doing with christian just to get their Vote will not work for him.

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