Nigeria’s Last Female Rapper Standing

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 Eva Alordiah is not a new name in the rap game, If anything, she is the stand-out, brazen female on the scene as evidenced by her being chosen for the Guinness Colorful World of More campaign.



However shades of doubt surround claims of her being the biggest female rap artiste at the moment. And this comes against the backdrop of Sasha’s inconspicuousness lately, with her focus now more on her growing fashion line as against what we used to know her for. And then the absence of Pryse, the Chocolate City ‘Queen’. We should mention also Kel’s infamous dwindle which doesn’t do the female rap unit any good at all. As well as Blaize’s long term exit, her reemergence with the Orlando Julius sets of collaborations and whatnot. Muna –from our stance here– appears to be satisfied with doing her thing for fun and nothing more so she wouldn’t count as a formidable rapper in this context. Technically, this leaves us with just Eva as the one consistent female in a male-dominated genre down here. But how consistent has she been? How much a rapper is she really? Has she done enough to be labeled a rapper? We should answer these so it serves as a proper basis for the succeeding discourse on here.






Eva, an ace rapper, has played host to a lot of artistes and has shone through in features since the start of her career. And despite the nature of the Nigerian rap scene, she has managed to stay afloat the scheme of things, wading through the complexities of the game, surviving the gender-biased nature of everything and holding her own through the varied stages of her progression. Interesting. But in all these, she still leaves a lot to be desired. Her repertoire today is considered somewhat incomplete, owing to the absence of an album from the petite lady. She has also switched her style so bad it almost doesn’t come across as the once magical Eva we used to know.



Sentiments make this a bit difficult to write given many a critic’s attraction to the rapper’s charm and Tom Boy persona, but the fact of her not having done enough leaves us not much choice really. Her inability to deliver at least an album till date is a bit of a blot on her otherwise budding music career.






On the one hand it is not clear if she has delayed owing to her label-management imbroglio. On the other hand, we are at a loss as to whether it is more as a result of lack of inspiration.



In all, we hope for the best from her in the soonest time possible. She has done well and upped the ante thus far in aspects of mounting expectations and what not. In the end, it doesn’t spell well if she doesn’t match these expectations with desired outputs. And with interests already thinning out leading to possibilities of her getting ousted, Eva has no choice but to get down to brass tacks, specifically in respect to delivering a full length project; an album that is. We stay fingers crossed for this one.










Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

Copywriter. Sanguine. God understands me.


  1. Eva is stylish, talented and inspirational on several levels. But the trend of Nigerian female rappers rising and falling did not start nor will it end with her. For any reason I give kudos to the diva for holding her ground in the fiercely male dominated Nigerian Music Industry.

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