Nigeria: Jonathan Now Ready To Unmask Obasanjo’s Bugging Demands?

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Reports have started to gather steam that the current President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is planning on exposing the personal demands of one time Head of State’s of Nigeria.

Guardian publication reveals that the face- off between former President Olusegun Obasanjo and incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan may not be far from over as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said that the latter would soon disclose all alleged personal demands of the former that he had turned down since 2011 that might have fuelled the lingering animosity.

PDP declared that its leadership would decide on whether or not to sanction Obasanjo over allegation of anti-party activities.

Addressing a news conference in Abuja yesterday, the Director of Media and Publicity of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation, Femi Fani- Kayode, described Obasanjo’s allegation that Jonathan was planning to perpetuate himself in power unconstitutional as reckless and pointing that the allegations were assertions that were

“capable of derailing our democracy and creating chaos in the land.

“The truth is that he knows that Jonathan will win next month’s presidential election and that is why he wants to destroy the credibility of the whole process right from the outset. What he is trying to say in his latest contribution is that if President Jonathan wins, then the election must have been rigged right from the outset. This is not only wrong but it is also unfair and uncharitable.”

Fani-Kayode challenged Obasanjo to prove his weighty allegations by presenting them before the Council of State and take it up there.

On Obasanjo’s allegation that Jonathan was playing out a script of perpetuating himself in power like former Cote d’Voire President Laurent Gbabo, Fani Kayode stated:

“Jonathan has re-affirmed his commitment to the democratic process over and over again and he has also said that the handover date of May 29 is sacrosanct. In view of these assurances, one wonders why Obasanjo is creating such a hue and cry over nothing. What has he seen that no one else can see? One wonders what his motives are. Does he have to rule every government by proxy? Must every leader take instructions from him? Is it a case of ‘’if I cannot control you and tell you what to do then you must go?’’

“President Obasanjo spoke about President Gbagbo and he claimed that President Jonathan was attempting to do a Gbagbo in Nigeria. The question that must be put to him is this: ‘Who got Gbagbo out?’ Was it not Jonathan’s government that played a key role in ensuring that democracy was fully established in the Ivory Coast and did he not play a key role in ensuring that the Gbagbo plan to ‘’stay in power forever plan’’ did not work?

On Obasanjo’s alleged demands from Jonathan, Fani-Kayode stated:

“After Jonathan came to power, Obasanjo not only tried to control and teleguide him, but he also asked him to do a number of things that were simply wrong and unacceptable. It is for Jonathan himself to divulge those things and I am sure that he will do so at the appropriate time. Needless to say Jonathan refused to be teleguided and told what to do even though at all times he showed Obasanjo maximum respect and accorded him all the privileges, access and courtesies that is due to a former Head of State and a father and mentor. This continued to be the case even after Obasanjo consistently attempted to undermine his government and ridicule his efforts.



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  1. we all know this Man has swept a lot under the carpet, but yes! all will be revealed Obasanjo’s administration was really a failed one, people saying GEJ’s government is a failed one have it all wrong.

  2. i see no reason why i should be seeing this name ” Obasanjo ” almost in every article i come across . what’s all this, we all know he was one brutal president, did a lot of unpleasant things, hello??the massacre ! so yes all will out , brought to the light of day for us all to see. tired of seeing the same faces and name’s along the corridors of power, buhari inclusive that old man should be resting but the greed and corruption in their old heads won’t let them think straight and act logical. it irks me seriously. so much for us being the leaders of tomorrow.

  3. I concur because all these noise making, he’s getting more attention than both candidates, maybe showing us all his dirty dealings and demands would calm him down. old chimpanzee of a Man

  4. Our Minds are enlightened to now to see all those been done behind closed doors, majority of the populace who were ignorant are now being educated in a lot of areas so that once gullible masses are no longer blind but eyes have opened to see and comprehend all this strings this people keep pulling behind the scene. in other words they cant be fooled anymore.
    nothing is hidden under the sun. OBJ should be exposed.

  5. gone are those days, we will not be blind sided to the truth, let all his demands be exposed, although we already know the kind of man he is. what a pity. couldn’t achieve in 8years half of what jonathan could in 6years, OBJ from me to you, i say ‘what a waste of administration.

  6. Personally, Am just trying to be honest, am the kind that probably gets addicted to anything if am constantly around it, i guess its the same thing that is wrong with OBJ, from another perspective though. i wasn’t referring to Power in my case.
    though i think its high time all these things are made known to the public, we have evolved to that level to grasp it.

  7. Was surfing the net and i came across this article, although a reasonable number of people witnessed and were victims of OBJ ‘s so called demands, but something tells me that’s just the tip of the ice berg. it for our good more of those are been exposed and unveiled to the populace.

  8. Fianlly all the demons are regrouping in APC, only God can deliever us. Change party are just accepting all the corrupt people in Nigeria.

  9. OBJ is mad.. he just tore his pdp card. The next thing we will be seeing is him tearing his cloths.. an evil man trying to incite political war between Nigerians. A man who’s wife died as first lady… he’s evil and soon will be buried… his family have abandoned him. His daughter Iyabor said it all.. wait for GEJ to win. They all will be in hell. There will be no more oil well license for them…. transformation is growing. GEJ

  10. In my widest dream i wouldnt believe that the once respected and relevant BABA will turn himself into this level of ridicule, such a shame!

  11. obj has been a wolf in sheep clothing,its so sad we did not observe from the onset,but truth be said,its good his actions are playing out now…….from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh………up GEJ

  12. President Jonathan should please neglect this man for he has over time shown his desire for this nation are built on selfish interest…………..

  13. obj is angry at GEJ as removed fuel subsidy, but he should be careful, because if you leave in a glass house do not throw stones

  14. with GOD all things are possible, with GOD GEJ shall emerge as our President, then obj and his friends will be soaked in shame

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