Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her BREASTS At Marc Jacob’s New York Fashion Show

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I think these people don’t really care who is watching, they just display their breasts all over the place like it’s their complimentary card!

These days, you are either making the news for any fabulous craft/talent of yours or you are stripping for the world and showing off your assets, as in the case of Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, and now Nicki Minaj!

It’s Nicki Minaj and she is taking the spotlight. Amidst the death of her tour manager, she stepped out at Marc Jacobs show during New York Fashion Week on Thursday, wearing a striking revealing – yet cosy and covered up – ensemble.




The female rapper donned a semi sheer top that showed off her cleavage and if you look closely, you can see the shape and full size of her breasts. Although she had a large furry coat on, we could still see through the dress.

She completed her modish and sophisticated looks with  a pair of snakeskin over-the-knee boots, of course, the boots are needed as it is freezing in the city at the moment. Nicki really put forward her best foot!

Nicki Minaj appeared valiant as she is really staying strong this week after losing her tour manager.

Reports claim her tour manager had been stabbed to death while another was left critically wounded. De’Von Pickett, 29, Minaj’s tour manager, died after being rushed to a local hospital, while Eric Parker, 27, remains in critical condition, after an incident that took place in Philadelphia on Wednesday morning.


The weather got something on her: Nicki seems to wrap herself up in her long cozy fur jacket
The weather got something on her: Nicki seems to wrap herself up in her large cozy fur jacket
Nicki Minaj really looked Graceful as she met Marc Jacobs
Nicki Minaj really looked Graceful as she met Marc Jacobs
The petite Nicki posed with odels after the Fashion show
The petite Nicki posed with models after the Fashion show
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  1. dis must be a rubbish tin entirely,hw could someone show up her nakedness to the whole world to view her,i tink sometin is tottaly wrong somewhre else….

  2. This is a show of shame to the Global music industry. It is a sign of irresponsibility
    from the pit of hell. shame on the Americans, Shames to the races and the entire family
    of Minaj over there absolute quietness. shame and shame……uhhhhh

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