New BBM Update To Allow For Customized PINs

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Blackberry is set to allow users customize the Blackberry Messenger PINs in its latest update.

The major changes in the new BBM also include removable ads and a new avatar badging.

Blackberry says:

BBM will now offer a new service called Subscriptions that will allow users to pay for exclusive access to specific features. What’s included in this first release of Subscriptions?

Vanity PINs: have a fun idea for a PIN? Looking for an easier PIN to communicate with friends? Try out this new feature and customize your own personal BBM PIN!

Remove Ads: hide sponsored ads and sponsored invites in BBM with this subscription.

Avatar Badging: Show off your special BBM status with a badge. This badge also appears on display pictures that have an active subscription.

Subscriptions can be purchased using available payment methods in the BBM Shop. Subscriptions is available at a monthly cost and requires ongoing payments to continue the subscription.

The update is currently undergoing BETA testing.




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