Must Read Reasons Why Martin Luther King Will Feel Betrayed By His Family?

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Legendary civil right speaker, Martin Luther King died for his dream where people would be “free at last” but his family charges people huge sums to use his quotes?

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Mirror publication reported that anyone who wants to quote his famous words pays huge sums for the privilege. No-thanks to his children!

This is why Oscar-nominated biopic Selma does not include any direct quotes from the activist’s speeches, to avoid an expensive legal battle over copyright.

Instead British actor David Oyelowo, who plays the lead role, paraphrases Dr King’s message without using the exact words.

His chant of “give us the ballot” is also replaced by “give us the vote”.

It is the latest controversy surrounding Dr King’s surviving children Martin, 57, Dexter, 54, and Bernice, 51.

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The trio are still fighting over their father’s Nobel Peace Prize and his Bible, and have tried to sue his closest friends.

They’ve even demanded money from a foundation that wanted to build a statue of their father.

A documentary on the civil rights movement by US not-for-profit broadcaster PBS was delayed until the producers coughed up £66,000 to the family.

CBS made a substantial donation to the family’s non-profit King Center to settle a lawsuit after it broadcast portions of the “I Have a Dream” speech.

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