Music Review: Wizzy Pro’s “Finally” Is Too Pedestrian, Too Ordinary To Get Us Bumping

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The track boasts production from Wizzy Pro, and together with Runtown what we have is the reggae-influenced “Finally”.


I want write something in the line of “the song is jamming, well-crafted and radio-fitting; a hit with chart potentials and all”, but there’s not enough motivation in it for us to rate it thus. The sounds are too pedestrian, too ordinary to get us nodding. We love the Wizzy-Run chemistry on tracks but this one doesn’t deliver the goods.


All things being equal, we’d prefer Wizzy didn’t join the dwindling band of mediocre guys out there today. We’d prefer he took his time and constructively perfected his art on a piece before serving. It’s only natural, not when there are a myriad of other options.


In sum, there are no real banging beats on “Finally”, nothing of inventiveness or color or lyrical depth, just some mid ‘90s, reggae-influenced whatchamacallit that doesn’t exactly serve its purpose (in my opinion).


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?






Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

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