Music Review: The “Woju” Remix Is Bland, Unimproved And Surplus To Requirement

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In all sincerity, there isn’t any reason Kiss Daniel should be remaking the already galactic “Woju”. It is a pointless move; at best it comes across as him having a momentary lapse in artistry. We won’t be saying this of the record were it to have been carefully crafted, but how Daniel gets an OBO-Tiwa Savage partnership on this and the trio cannot salvage the deal is depressing to the spirits.



Davido brings nothing fresh to the table; he is weak, average at most. He wobbles through the rounds and passes the baton without much influence on the record.



Savage, surprisingly, is a superfluous addition to this. She should be blazing the trail on here with the youngsters but she is too immersed in whatever it is that all she manages are a handful of watery, banal lines. So much awkwardness from a supposed queen bee, so much inability to hit top notes we get put off by the record altogether.



The beats and production are nothing different from the original version. Absolutely nothing different in form or shape. The original “Woju” is on some astronomical shit, and should have been left on that musical high. This remix, one struggles to see what the idea behind it is. If the sole aim is to buttress the remix video as we reported last week, with no form of creativity in mind, then it’s a sad shame how Daniel self-destructs on this. A sad shame!









Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

Copywriter. Sanguine. God understands me.


  1. Well said henry d real mix was far far better dan d remix its over salted making it not edible just a waste of time in da studio

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