Music Review: The Instrumentation On Simi’s “Jamb Question” Brings To Mind The Sweetness Of The ’90s

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Simi, our petite songbird, is back. Ring the alarm, should we? Anyways, she’s in our faces again with this Afro pop magic, a song largely African and heart-warming.


The instrumentation on this heralds the sweetness and heart-warming feel of the ‘90s, especially the sound of the talking drums. Her voice is tiny and natural as always, the strength of this would be how she and her producer fuse like hand in glove. Oh my, Oscar is a beast for this one!


“Jamb Question” brings to mind a ‘Lagbajaesque’ flavor, although original and creative in its own right. And just like the rich, ethereal “Stay In Love” by Tope Odu, this new Simi cut brings to mind the camaraderie amongst kinsmen feasting on a bowl of Amala, fresh Palmwine and flavored lamb Obe Egusi; under a tree somewhere in a Southwest countryside. Although with Simi’s Jamb Question, the tempo swings from this countryside ambiance of the talking drums to the juvenile, highschool-reminiscent lyrics. Simi has the skills; all she really needs is break from her comfort zone, switch her story lines with some ingenuity, and then enlist some external production inputs. Not to say Oscar isn’t a gifted beat maker and all; but she needs modify here and there because… hackneyed.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?






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