Music Review: “Katapot” By Reekado Banks Is Mid-tempo, Groovy And A Feel Good Number

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Reekado Banks is back with a fresh new cut, and it is some refreshing stuff from him. He gave a great show on the previous “Chop Am”, a joint that showed greatly a more direct him in aspects of vocals, delivery and confidence. And he isn’t resting yet, it seems.




The Mavin man drops this infectious one on us and it is all some massive, timely piece of music; especially as it hits us in the wake of Valentine’s and all that glitz, euphoria and whatnot of the day. This Reekado effort is especially brilliant given its African feel and originality. Don Jazzy takes the back seat on this, something he rarely does given his wont to hum and sing through many a production of his with the trademark husky baritone we have come to know.

“Katapot” is mid-tempo, groovy and a feel good number. It is a well-made piece resting on the shoulders of Jazzy’s production adroitness as well as the singer’s stlye and vocal balance. Reekado knows his strengths as a singer and he exploits to maximal points on this fresh edgy song. Slow rhythm, strong distinct vibes and all round goodness coming off this, the plus of it is its overall recording quality and evergreen potentials. It brings to mind some nostalgic, ‘90s type Afrobeat-modified vibe. Interesting.

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