Music Review: Falz’s “Ello Bae” Is A Good Listen

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Falz will always be worth listening to, most especially for his uniqueness. A bit too playful, bringing to the fore a ‘street’ side we love to hear and juxtapose with a deliberate falsification of his education and intellect, Falz delivers us “Ello Bae”.



The song dropped following wide publicity across the media and on it he maintains his trademark accented flows, keeps his humor intact and delivers what we know him to; which ensures he’s succeeded in keeping the momentum so far from the point his last album dropped till this minute. Interesting.



Falz’s style has seen moderate success till date, which is a feat given the turbulence and non-structured state of our industry, especially as this ensures Rap is a hard-sell. After “Pool Party”, “Waz Up Guy” and “High Class” and he still hadn’t peaked across major charts, we were scared for a minute. It appeared he just wasn’t going to find his way up the ladder, up the big stages. But, I guess, you can’t bring down a good man. Falz is up on his feet again, cruising on top speed. This new one –Ello Bae– hasn’t much to yearn for in aspects of subject matter and theme. It is nothing we should particularly take seriously, just some fun song that soars under the aegis of clear production; ‘dumbed down’, market-ready lyrics, and some razor-sharp online hype. Quite original and replay worthy too.



Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?





Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

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