Music Review: “Different Kind Of War” by Illbliss Is Some Excellent Record With All The Finishing Of Conscious Music

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Illbliss reminds one a lot of American hip hop legend, Nasir Jones. Actually, not only do Illy’s composition and rhyming style bring Nas’ to mind, but a little refresher of the former’s music up into his SMVA award for “You Go Wound O” in 2008 reminds us again of the man Nas, in all his hip hop element and renown.


On the previous Jamo, we felt Illbliss stealthily step up his grind, an act of complete creeping improvement and capacity. From where I listened and reviewed the Cynthia Morgan-assisted smash, the rapper’s was a mien of nonchalance mixed with competence and grittiness, the type of expression a Rooney would wear as he plays an archrival in a local derby. Or some El Classico type Messi-Ronaldo fest.




From where we listen to this new one –A Different Kind Of War– we spot some excellence in the record, with all the finishing of conscious music, finely tucked into superb beats and delivery that place the entire effort on a solid hip hop pedestal. Dope! Illy touches on central issues of social turmoil facing the nation today. He is deep, slightly domineering yet keeping our attentions through the nearly 3-minute cut. Massive. This one is a complete humdinger, for lack of better words.


We already rated, this is a HIT!





Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

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