Music Review: “Crazy” By Fefe Is Okay But She Needs To Raise Her Game

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Fefe started her Capital/ Goretti journey with quite the spark, something of an unusual move from the relatively unknown singer. And we loved it.


Her first cut –Kilowi– on Capital/ Goretti caught our ears so much I termed it a hit through and through upon reviewing. It was that smashing. But this new one isn’t so much of a stunner, frankly. The lyrics off “Crazy” are all too average, as well as the vocal texture of her on it. Production is fair and balanced but not as compelling, hence lacking the verve to switch many a listener‘s attentions fully. If she didn’t set the tone with “Kilowi” it’d have been easier to see and understand. But the bar had been set all too high already, hence our expecting more.


She paints this on a reggae canvass, with traces of Afro Pop and Dancehall; a display more fitting for a Cynthia Morgan or Waje so she doesn’t connect entirely. But creativity is very allowed in whatever forms, only she needs to mature on this reggae turf if she intends to cut any ice. Fefe has potentials, and she can use the help of some lyrical revamp and better music coordination here and there so that in all she serves us materials that step up the flow, and not regress.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?



Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

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