Music Review: AQ’s “International Rapper”, Much Ado About Nothing

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There is nothing AQ is saying on this that hasn’t been said before, nothing he is trying to achieve that hasn’t already been achieved. Nothing! To crown this, “International Rapper” fails to ‘hit the high notes’, fails to wow the intended audience; and in all, isn’t the reinvention he so earnestly seeks.


It’s beyond me why rappers are at each other’s throats in this day and age. How does that add to the bottom line? This is supposed to be a review of AQ’s International Rapper but the music is so third-rate my pen’s fallen asleep on a page.


The lyrics are weak, the beats are incongruous, which means the entire effort is a clumsy fusion that robs the song of all repeat-worthiness. He says rappers have taken to clowning themselves, acting a fool to sell records when in the real sense of it he probably isn’t of a better intellect than Reminisce and  Falz (two guys who fall mainly into his Local Rapper-Clown bracket). It’s just amazing what AQ does here. He goes for the kill but isn’t armed enough to slay, rather he brings himself some excoriation, something of a total ricochet.


“Local Rappers” doesn’t take direct jabs at anyone in particular, and if anything, not anyone in AQ’s mould given his invisibility in mainstream music today. Great idea though considering hip hop and its “diss-battle” inclinations, but if AQ were more coordinated, creative and constructively critical; this probably would have been worth its salt.


On the other hand still, assuming AQ got this one right, we must never forget that every artiste’s work, unless he be a hermit, creating solely for his own satisfaction and with no need of sales, is to some extent socially conditioned; given that he depends upon the approval of his patrons. So yes, this means every man has every right to deliver in whatever way and manner he deems okay. QED.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?





Henry Igwe

Henry Igwe

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  1. Thank God for english rap cos that is what gave all hiphop musicians the opportunity to do music even Olamide, reminisce and the phyno himself. Their first rap words were english and good they modified to local languages but that is the beauty of hiphop. So why diss the punchlines and word play elements of hiphop. If a rapper dissed them, they should diss the rapper but when you diss the elements if hiphop, you diss the whole game and what AQ dropped is a good response. That is what you get for being a stupid artist.

  2. Reminisces song touches a fundamental and they get the response they deserve…. Simple…. No bad blood…. It is hiphop! As a journalist… Sorry ur article ia very biased… But who cares the songs speak for themselves… Both are good independent songs and great call and response. If you know anything about hiphop as a music journalist, you write up would have reflected it. QED

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