MOVIE REVIEW: SELMA by Jimi Ojikutu (@jinglanation)

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David Oyelowo is James Bond: Actor set to narrate audiobook.

The Movie about the Martin Luther King March in Selma for the freedom of the blacks to vote in the South of America after the desegregation Laws of 1964, Selma takes on a journey of freedom and fighting for rights through the force of Love and advocacy rather than violence. It exposes the spirit of resilience in standing for what is right and what happens if people come together in one voice to stand and speak out for what is right. What forces will move, what elements will shake, even the earth itself will move if people come together to believe in one cause- that was an original quote, lol.

Back to the film, Selma was a profound expose of the character of Martin Luther King and it took us into his struggles as a man, as a leader, as clergy, and as a key proponent for change in the then racially imbalanced United States of America. The role played by Nigerian Actor, David Oyelowo, almost gives us a glimpse into what it was like being Martin Luther King.

The Story line maintained a good pace with each scene keeping a lively beat unlike a lot of historical films; Selma was informative, fun to watch, and expository all at the same time. At some moments you are almost moved to tears, at other moments you smile, sometimes you almost stand up from your seat and scream freedom, and at the end you I bet you must have screamed ‘Glory Hallelujah, we shall overcome’.

The set and props also depicted the time and almost took you into that time and Era. David Oyelowo’s performance I must say was definitely Oscar worthy and in my mind he deserves one. He played the character and in some instances you almost believe it was Rev. Martin Luther King himself you were watching on the screen.

In total, Selma was a total film. You all need to see it.

Below is an Excerpt from New York Time’s review of Selma-

Even if you think you know what’s coming, Selma hums with suspense and surprise. Packed with incident and overflowing with fascinating characters, it is a triumph of efficient, emphatic cinematic storytelling…And much more than that, of course.

Nuff said, go see the film.


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