Movie Review: Kingsman by Jimi Ojikutu

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Lol! That’s the first thing that comes to my head when I remember the movie Kingsman. It packs a lot of fun in one movie though the plot was a bit slow paced sometimes; it delivered the goods in good, fulfilled action with a whole lot of laughs in between.

The main character gives the likes of James Bond and other espionage characters a bit of a kick in the butt with is brut street cred, which he sheds a little towards the end becoming a cool mix of the quintessential gentleman and the street wise gee spy, a mix that totally bursts me, I’m laughing my ass off right now.

The plot shows the transition of the boy quite well, and reveals his determination and loyalty over the series of the course of the film, I must say he was quite an interesting character that is lovable and will make you smile even after the movie.

The fight sequences where awesome, totally loved it, the camera movement, the speed, the shots, the choreography of the movement was just awesome, kinda the fight sequence in the Ninja Turtle movie mixed with a bit of Crank, at some point you could have thought you had been pumped with Adrenaline shots before seeing the movie. It was so cool that the anticipation of watching people tear themselves apart was unnerving, yeah, you could add world war Z in the mix, pretty awesome.

Samuel Jackson’s character was hilarious and annoying at the same time, a bit of a satire, and the fact that it was played by Samuel L Jackson was almost as much fun as it was ridiculous, but it added to the fun. Tech Guru Samuel L Jackson was fun to watch; you’d either hate him, or love him.

In all, the movie was a load of Action filled comical fun, and you should not miss it. You would prefer this to 50 shades of grey, trust me…or maybe not *sticks out tongue*



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