Meghan Trainor: “I’ve Lost My Old Friends Because Of Fame”

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Meghan Trainor has discovered one negative of being famous: losing friends.

Trainor, 21, burst into the limelight last year with her hit song All About That Bass, and says that some of her old friends don’t want to talk to her no more.

“My family have been incredible but I’ve lost too many friends for stupid reasons. Obviously as you grow up, you lose friends, but it’s like tripled. It’s heartbreaking sometimes,” Meghan sighed to British magazine Now.

“I lost a friend simply because I didn’t text them back when I was sat the American Music Awards. They’re p**sed off and I can’t accept being yelled at because I’m working.”

“I remember the day I filmed the video for All About the Base someone sent me a text asking how it was going. I didn’t see it because we’d been shooting for 14 hours, and then I had texts saying: ‘Oh, you’re too good for us now?’ No one realises how hard artists have to work to get that fame. There’s no time off. But it’s OK, I’ll buy some friends,” she laughed.



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