Man Behind Copenhagen Murders Shot By Police

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A man who carried out 2 attacks in Copenhagen, Denmark,  killing 2 people and injuring 5 policemen, has been shot dead by police.

The gunman has carried out the first attack where a Swedish cartoonist – who made caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – was speaking on Saturday.

The second attack took place on Sunday, where a man was killed near the city’s synagogue.

The attacks seemed similar to the attacks in Paris last month, where artists who ridiculed religion were attacked in their office.

Jorgen Skov, a police inspector, said at a news conference in Copenhagen that the police had shot and killed the suspect after he opened fire on officers near the Norreport train and subway station in the Norrebro neighborhood.

The shooter was confronted by the police as he returned to an address that they were keeping under surveillance, Mr. Skov said, suspecting that the man had been involved in the killings.

The police have no indication for the moment that other suspects were involved, he said.



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