Law Makers Scale Fence Again, This Time To Escape

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In late 2014, lawmakers at the House of Assembly scaled the fence to get into the House after being barred by Police. Today, lawmakers in the Borno State House of Assembly scaled the fence to escape the House after the Police and members of the Civilian JTF clashed.

DAILY POST gathered that, the clash started when the police attached to the APC chairman attempted to stop some members of the civilian JTF, who claimed that the APC chairman assigned to them some assignments, which they claimed they had completed and needed their compensation.

When they came demanding to see the chairman, they were told that he was in a meeting but they were not ready to wait. They told the police that they were in a hurry and that it would take nothing for the chairman to come out and settle them and go back to continue with his meeting. But as instructions was given to the police, they could not let the youth to have their way which led to the clash.

A civilian JTF, Umar Konduga told DAILY POST that, the CJTF who clashed with the police attached to the APC chairman are all from Konduga local government.

According to him, ” they have been shooting themselves. The police shot a civilian JTF on the leg and the civilian JTF also shot the police on the leg. This is do me, I do you God no go vex. We the civilian JTF, we respect security operatives but this one is refusing us to collect our entitlement.”




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