LADIES!!! See The BRA That Can Enhance Your BREASTS Like Cossy Orjiakor’s

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I wouldn’t say it’s a struggle to have very attractive breasts and cleavage but trust me, it is such a struggle! There is a thing called CONTOURING, it gives you that cleavage like Hollywood celebrities possesses. Not necessarily Cossy Orjiakor’s type though.

Selfie super-fan Kim Kardashian well and truly put contouring – a laborious method of applying make-up to enhance features – on the map in 2014.

I mean, naturally endowed females are always the envy amongst friends as they get to turn heads with particularly certain choice of outfits.

And now, Playtex has jumped on the bandwagon by unveiling the first top cup contouring bra, which, they say, is a ‘major innovation’ for women wanting to rediscover their full breast potential.


Makers of the £32 Contour Perfection bra say it’s different – and innovative – because it features top cup padding. The bra comes with thin foam cups, which promise to restore fullness in the upper cup of the breast by moulding to them.

This claims to help restore volume and shape to an area not usually considered in the padding of a bra.

This extra padding, which is dubbed a morphologic system, moulds to the breast to help create a fuller, rounder shape.

The new bra, which is available in sizes 32-42 B-E and 32-40 F, was launched on the back of research carried out by the brand, which revealed that half of women are unhappy with their assets. A thin foam cup has been inserted into the top of the bra to restore fullness in the upper cup.

The study found a third of unsatisfied women have a cup size C-D, despite two-thirds believing this is the ‘ideal’ cup size. The study suggests that changes to the breasts with age may be at the root of women’s discontent as over half (58 percent) said they’ve noticed significant changes to the shape of their breasts since turning 35.  Changes concern more than six out of 10 women, with a staggering 88 per cent citing loss of fullness or increased sagginess as their main complaints.

A spokesperson for the brand said: ‘The research findings prove there’s a real need amongst women for a bra that helps inject fullness back into their breasts, so we’re delighted to finally unveil Contour Perfection – a comfortable, stylish and truly transformative shape-perfecting bra that helps women restore natural fullness and a beautifully youthful shape.

Now that you know how you can get your breasts to be in that shape, why not go shop for it.

Culled From MailOnline.

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