Kylie Jenner Follows In Elder Sisters’ Footsteps As She Posts A Sexually Titillating Photo

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Just at 17, Kylie Jenner has gotten herself into more controversies that her elder sister Kim Kardashian has laid with black men!

Kylie Jenner is just a teenager, but it appears she has always enjoyed the spotlight as a result of the success of her family’s reality TV show, Keeping Up Withy The Kardashians. To note that her family is still recovering from their bashing by glam model Amber Rose owing to the fact that she was the subject of contention. It appears controversy has got nothing on her.

In fact, she is not bothered as to whose ox is gored, hence, followed in the footstep of her elder sister Kim Kardashian, taking to her Instagram to share a racy photo of her underwear. The post was definitely not age-friendly.


Kylie who has over 18.1million followers shared the photo with the caption: ‘Staying comfortable in my @meundies Time to jump in bed after this long week.’

You can see how she exaggerated her curves by posing in such manner showing off the colour of her pants which obviously is red and black. She purposely lowered her grey sweatpants for us to see the shape of her butts.

This particular picture of hers looks extremely like a copy of what Kim did in 2013 when she showed her post-baby body in a white swimsuit.



It is true when they say the Horse in front is the leader of the chariot. Kim posted a picture last march wearing Kylie’s bikini. While sharing the picture below, she captioned it, Yep stole Kylie’s bikini…she’s not getting it back.


See what Kylie posted on that same day


This is not the first time Kylie has copied one of her older sister’s selfies as earlier this year she seemingly mimicked one of the poses by older sister Kendall.

On New Year’s Eve, Kendall Jenner shared a racy bikini picture that showed off her svelte figure. Kendall-Jenner

And just a day after, Kylie went ahead to also post a racy pic of herself exposing her midriff.


Aren’t you finding these amusing? Or is nothing adding up yet? Should we be expecting a sex tape from Kylie and ‘Kylie’s boo’ soon, after all, her elder sister got their family name on the map with that. Let’s keep our pretty beautiful fingers crossed.

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