Kanye West Interrupts Another Award Speech

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Remember 2009 when Kanye West rudely interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards? Well, Kanye repeated the act but this time with a sense of humour and decorum.

Kanye mocked the 2009 moment by stepping up on stage when Beck (who’s Beck, right?) won the Grammy for Album of the Year against Beyonce, Sam Smith, Pharrell! Kanye stepped on stage as if to grab the mic but then smiled and went back down. Who knew Kanye had a sense of humour? Check the clip below:


Back in 2009, he snatched the mic from Taylor Swift and dropped the now famous ‘I’mma le you finish, but Beyonce had the greatest album of all time’ quote. Now check Beyonce’s reaction when everyone thought he was going to do exactly that again. Jay-Z was plain terrified!



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