John Legend Joins Celebrities Who Are Boycotting The Beverly Hills Hotel

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John Legend refused to attend a party thrown for him at the Beverly Hills Hotel because of it’s owner, Brunei leader Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah.

Bolkiah is an enforcer for the death sentence on convicted homosexuals, a stand that doesn’t with well with Legend.

A statement by the All Of Me‘s singer’s publicist, Amanda Silverman, reads:

“These policies, which among other things could permit women and LGBT Bruneians to be stoned to death, are heinous and certainly don’t represent John’s values or the spirit of the event.”

“John does not, in any way, wish to further enrich the Sultan while he continues to enforce these brutal laws.”

Celebrities who have previously boycotted the hotel because of Bolkiah’s policies include Jay Leno, Anna Wintour and Ellen DeGeneres.



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