Jay Z Sued For Fathering A Son And Avoiding Paternity Test + (Photos of the boy)

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Wanda Satterthwaite has claimed for years that she had a son for Jay Z back in the 90s and the rapper has refused to acknowledge her son or even pay child support. The alleged son is now suing him through his guardian. Below is the report from National Enquirer

Wanda Satterthwaite unsuccessfully tried to compel Jay Z to take a DNA test back in 2010 after another man turned out not to be her then 16 year old son Rymir’s father. . . .
Rymir’s guardian, a paralegal named Lillie Coley – filed the civil lawsuit last year, claiming that Jay Z lied. In the papers, Lillie alleged Jay Z and his lawyer, Lise Fisher, provided “fraudulent” and “false” information to a judge.

Rymir is now in college and claims he’s struggling to pay his tuition and his medical bills. Not like resemblance is all that matters but is there any resemblance between the two?




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