How To Choose The Right Foundation For Your Skin Colour

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For the perfect makeup look, you need to choose the foundation that best suits your colour so your face does not end up looking darker or fairer than the other parts of your body. In choosing the right foundation for your skin colour, you have to first find your undertone.


An undertone is the colour that’s beneath the skin. The undertone remains the same unlike the skin that changes due to sun exposure and many other skin unfriendly conditions. There are three types of undertone; cool, warm and neutral and foundations are recommended for one of the three undertone types. However, it is very possible to fall in between types. You could be neutral-warm, cool-neutral, etc.


For a cool undertone, you will notice a a pink, red or blue tinge to your skin. The veins on your wrist are either blue or purple, silver jewelry suits you more than gold and when you look at your skin in the sun, it appears to be blue-ish.


For a warm undertone, you will notice a yellow, gold or peach tinge to your skin. The veins on your wrist are slightly green or olive, gold jewelry flatters you more than silver ones and when you look at your skin in the sun, it appears to be yellow-ish


For a neutral undertone, you will have neither blue, pink, red, yellow, gold, peach tinge but you will be somewhere in between. You have a neutral undertone if the veins on your wrist are blue-green, both gold and silver jewelry suits you perfectly and your skin appears greenish when you look at it in the sun.


Once you’ve known your undertone, it narrows your search of the right foundation to selected few. To know the right foundation for you, these are the tips that can help you:


#1. Prep Your Skin: make sure your skin is exfoliated and mosturised. If your skin is sweaty or is not clean, the colour won’t be accurate


#2. Test In Good Lighting: test the foundation in good lighting preferably from a natural source. It is always good to test it out first somewhere and then move to another place to test if it is still matches your skin. It is always good to wear white while testing as other colours may alter your tone.


#3. Match The Colour You See The Most: when shopping for foundation, there are body parts to think about; the face, the neck and the neckline. Because of exposure to the sun, the face and the neckline are often darker than the neck. To even things out, choose a product that matches the skin colour you see the most. Applying base to the face and neck also helps to even the colour all over.


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