Happy Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo: World’s Best Player Turns 30

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As Real Madrid super star Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates a milestone birthday, we wonder how long he can continue as the greatest goalscorer in football and how his game might evolve. Eurosport report.

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It is the age at which the Wenger doctrine states players must only be offered one-year contracts, such is the economics graduate’s fear of the law of diminishing returns.

But Cristiano Ronaldo, who turned 30 on Thursday, still has three years to run on his deal at Real Madrid, with a buyout clause of nothing less than €1 billion.

Such luminaries as Robert Pires and even Dennis Bergkamp were subject to Arsene Wenger’s intransigence over the issue. The Frenchman could not allow the club to burden itself with a lengthy contract for a player who could potentially fall victim to an alarming and rapid physical decline.

Ronaldo who was named the fittest man alive by Men’s Health in the summer is the last player you’d expect to succumb to the ravages of time. His body is less a temple, more a divine shrine to physical perfection. Has any player ever before sculpted the kind of torso that could have been carved out of marble in 15th century Florence?

If anyone is impervious to physical decay it is the man who treats fitness as an art form. Yet Ronaldo is human. The microscopic deterioration that affects us all after a certain age will affect him too.

Even as he continues to enjoy his most fertile ever season, the truth is that his incremental collapse will begin at some stage. Without being too morbid about these things, the act of birth also germinates the seed of death.

Happy 30th Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo!!!



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