#GuysOnly: “Length of your Penis isn’t same with your foot”- These Are Facts You Never Knew About Your Penis

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The human penis is an organ that has excited and brought up an array of research as to its function and uses. It is an external male sexual organ that has both reproductive and urinary functions. For these reasons we bring to you unbelievable and amazing facts about the Penis you never knew.

Length of your Penis isn’t same with your foot
There has been several myths surrounding the Penis as regards equivalence in size. Certain cultures have said that the size of a man’s Penis can be gauged by the length of his foot or index finger. Others also say the length is equivalent to the length of the nose. However, recent studies have proved this to be false. The average length of an erect human Penis from the pubic bone to the tip is deemed to be between 5 to 5.9 inches with approximately 95% of males falling in the length interval of 4.2 to 7.5 inches. Even at that, it’s a well known fact that ladies place more premium on the size of your bank account- sorry, the love you bring.

You can fracture the Johnny
Most of us know that the human penis is not made up of bones even though other mammals like the gorillas posses a bony Penis. Well, the Penis basically fills up with blood to gain erection. The blood flow is stopped once it is fully erect but be careful with your moves during sex as an awkward position cod result in a penile fracture or you literally breaking your Penis. We all don’t want that or do we?

Smoking can reduce the size
Well, erect penises gain their ability from good bloodflow and smoking does have adverse effects on this. A Smokers blood will result in calcification of blood vessels which in turn impede good blood flow and erectile circulation. This will result in a short penis by as much as a centimeter. If you’re not too concerned about your lungs, kindly spare a thought for Johnny.

Male orgasm isn’t as long as you think
Well, women seem to last longer during orgasm as they average 23 seconds in comparison with that of the male folk which goes for just 6 seconds. To our feminists that cry for equality, kindly make us have four orgasms for for every one you get.

You don’t need a brain to use Johnny
This might sound atrocious, but you actually don’t need a brain to have a boner and ejaculate. The order to do so comes entirely from the spinal cord. However, you definitely do need a brain to convince a partner and perhaps a little more thinking.No brain is necessary for ejaculation.

Are you a grower or a shower?
We can classify penises into two the grower and the shower. The grower is the type that lengthens and expands as blood fills the vessels in the penis to become erect while the Shower appears big most of the time and doesn’t get much bigger after it becomes erect. A recent survey says that 79% of males are growers while 21% are showers.

Intercourse doesn’t last as long as we think
A group of German and British researchers have deduced from separate researches that the average time for intercourse (barring foreplay) is 2 minutes 50 seconds. They however said most women think it to be longer than that as they put. It at about 5 minutes, 30 seconds. Is that a yay or nay for male performance?

Size really does matter
Maybe not to some ladies, but it does matter in having a good semen displacement. This is more important when your woman has flush or acidic vagina that will compete with your sperm. This tested theory came out of a study conducted by researchers at the State University of New York who tested the scooping abilities of the coronal ridge of penises. Not to worry if your Johnny is small, it would still perform the right duties.

Fine face could mean stronger sperm
Funny isn’t it?, but researchers from Spain showed a group of women photographs of men with good, average and slow sperms. They were told to pick the most handsome out of the lot. Most of the time, the women chose males who produced the best sperms. A Plus for the fine guys.

Masturbation no no
Left for you to judge if the risk of masturbating and getting a penile rupture is worth it. Vigorous masturbation has been fingered as one of the major cause of penile rupture. Perhaps if should be left out for the main thing.

A single bust could repopulate the Earth
If all of the whole human male population were to go extinct but for a male, he would be able to repopulate the earth with just a single bust. The average male semen ejaculated holds about 40 million sperms even as there can be as much as 600 million! All of these could burst into the female vagina at a speed of 28 miles per hour while only one makes it to the egg at a speed of 200 seconds an inch.

Most enjoyed Penis in the world
Recorded history says that the Penis of King Fatefehi of Tonga is perhaps the most enjoyed ever in the world. He is said to have disvirgined an astounding 37,800 women 14 years between 1770 to 1784 averaging about 7 virgins a day. That’s got to be royalty at its peak!



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