Guess What? T.B Joshua ‘Predicted’ The Postponement Of Elections

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Nigerian serial predicter, Prophet T.B. Joshua has released a video online with a prophecy he allegedly gave one year ago concerning the postponement of the general elections.

“What I am seeing is heavy. I am seeing rain – the cloud is darker. The fulfillment of 2015 – pray for it,” Joshua told congregants on February 9th 2014 in a clip uploaded to YouTube channel ‘Emmanuel TV’.

“Is that not the time of elections? Democracy is sweet – pray that your democracy would not be rubbished,” he continued.

Clarifying further, the cleric added, “I am seeing disagreement at the end of the day and that disagreement can result to anything. Nigeria, these are the challenges you are going to face – challenges of disagreement… They will want to fight; we have to pray.”

The clip concluded with another segment of Joshua addressing his congregation, this time on November 9th 2014. “Pray for your nation,” he said. “If you are able to cross this election, you cross it all. The election you are about to do will determine Nigeria.”

The elections, which were scheduled to hold on February 14th 2015, have been shifted to 28th March, in a move widely criticized as being ‘undemocratic’.



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  1. sir may God give u the power to see more and pray about it for peace cos that is what Nigerian’s need for now. people in the northeast are really suffering. sir this is the time people like ave pray for God intersection in Nigeria, the Bible say “evil people will need rule the righteous cos they will corrupt them” pls also pray that the course of our father should be upon our head cos the Bible also say “the soul that sin shall die”. tkz n God b with u sir

  2. If you don’t believe Prophet T.B. Joshua prophecy, them you are not a believer in the living words of God almighty.

  3. TB Joshua is a prophet sent by

    God to this generation this can only be recognised by those who have the Spirit of God

  4. My father we love u as Mukwekwe family.we always pray that God wl continue to use u in our midst.we love u bcoz u give us direction.may God bless u and yo entire we wl stand wth u no matter what cmes no matter what evil people say we wl nt change our focus.thax dad for yo prayers upon Zimbabwe and our u dad.

  5. Prophet TB JOSHUA may the almighty God continue to guard in Jesus name amen,You are a true prophet of God the ancient of days.

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