Goodluck Jonathan Opens Up On Obasanjo Leaving PDP: “I Don’t Feel Any Difference”

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President Goodluck Jonathan has stated he feels no different following Chief Olusegun Obasanjo‘s public exit from the People’s Democratic Party.

Jonathan opened up about the situation during an interview at the State House, Marina, Lagos.

” I don’t feel any difference, because the bullets have been coming over and over for a very long time. So you see, it gets to a situation you become hardened,” Jonathan said.

That is why even in those days when corporal punishment was in vogue, parents were advised not to be flogging their children for all flimsy excuses. If you have children you shout at over smallest things they do, then your shouting at some points will become meaningless; even when they have not really done anything wrong, you shout, they would just say Daddy or Mummy has started again. They will not feel guilty again, because they don’t know the difference between when they have done wrong and when they have not done anything wrong. They just feel that Daddy or Mummy is always shouting.

“When you are making comments, they must be targeted at events. But when they become serial, or a daily affair, then they are no longer relevant; then they are no longer helping anybody.”



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