[FULL UPDATE] : SKALES Calls Out WizKid On Twitter || Says He Stole The Azonto Beat

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Am so sure, not everyone is cool with the twitter spat between these superstars. For the fact that they were on the same record label before Wizkid left and Skales followed suit, they had all of this going on and no one took the prerogative to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones?

With all said in their messy fight, they weren’t brothers as they claimed to be. It appears all is not going well with their relationship as Skales took to his twitter account to accuse Wizkid of stealing the Azonto beat.

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Producer Legendury Beatz also took to his own twitter page to stand by Wizkid, debunking Skales’ claims as to the ownership of the beat to the hit song, saying Wiz paid for the beats, hence deserved to work on it. The producer said he created the beats himself and doesn’t know what Skales is talking about.
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The twitter spat keeps getting bigger and bigger with more people hopping on the fight and spewing venom at each other. Wizkid also replied, and trust me, he let his heart out via his Twitter handle. See his epic replies and tweets below.




And the spat gets messier…….

Wizkid then signed out with this remark below.

Skales who goes by the handle @youngskales on Twitter also hit a couple of bars with his tweets as he said he stopped needing Wizkid a long time ago, telling the Ojuelegba hit crooner to get with that fact.

I am sure both teams are satisfied following the twitter jabs. What do you think about celebrities and the way they take shots at each other via social media? Mature or nah? Feel free to air your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. LOL! Wait, so Wizkid actually gave Skales some elements of publicity in his life?! What? And he still had the guts, audercity and effrontery to say all of these? Nigga should be flogged!

  2. You really cant even know what to believe with all of these twitter spats! first Khloe and Amber and now these two little superstars/brats?! Mtscheew

  3. I for one person is gonna be taking sides with Wizzy today, although i dont like that boy but he actually was the fairest in this twitter feud! Period!

  4. Where is Banky W where and when all of these is going on? i thought they said its an elder that is charged with the responsibility of ensuring peace in the house! Arent you bald enough to be referred to as BABA?

  5. I’m with skales on this one sha…wizkid was just being a chatty patty!! Acting like drake…He shuldnt ave acted like everything was ok wen they were not. And FYI…we can all now see that skales writes hits #TrueOrTrue

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