For The Adventurous Couples: 10 Recommended Sex Toys For You This Valentine

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Love is about sharing everything – so why not share your orgasms, eh?

As Valentine draws closer, one cannot but admit that some couples set that day aside for a wonderful time in bed. Although, the idea behind Valentine is to share love, romantic love, to one’s lover, some couples use this day as an ample opportunity to specifically spice up their sex life.

Now i am sure the mention of the word “SEX” got your attention. Oh well, that’s the whole idea.


Some couples complain of their spouses leading extremely boring sex lifestyles and as result, the seek other ways to satisfy their seemingly burgeoning sex cravings. Hence, infidelity issues, lack of trust and what have you, which eventually leads to break-up in marriages, relationships and sort.


One way to spice up your sex life and undo the boredom of sex is to utilize the availability of sex toys. Let me tell you this, SEX TOYS work a great great deal. Now when i mean sex toys, i don’t mean Dildos because those are cliche already. There are hundreds of sex toys that you have even never heard about and these tools are useful in arousing your sex appetite as couples and well, for some of those who prefer “alone time”.

There are quite a number of controversies as to the use of sex toys. But I particularly am not bothered about this, except you want to film a porn video, i don’t think you should be bothered as well. To the free spirits out there, don’t judge me by this, I just need to join the party of adventurous people ( that’s a facade, i always have been adventurous), educate them on what kind of sex toy they need to get know.

Below is the list of the 10 Recommended Sex Toys For YOU!



That you hear devil in this doesn’t make it evil. Whoever said Valentine’s Day had to be expensive? This cheeky little gift is a total bargain and a surefire route to toe-curling orgasms – the devil horns ensure enhanced stimulation for you and that vibrating ring which gives added pleasure for him. You can get this in Durex stores online at affordable prices.


adult monogamy board game sex

How about engaging in an extra activity just to psyche you up for that “yummy time”. What could be hotter than having a steamy affair with your partner this Valentine’s Day? This ultra-sexy board game has been specially created to get temperatures soaring, challenging you and your special someone to try out something new, something exciting and somet hing ultra-sizzling… all at the throw of a dice. Why not dim the lights, pour yourselves a glass of wine and have a night IN just year?



This little lovely looks like an egg at first glance, but it’s got an extra sexy secret. Open it up and you’ll find two separate vibrators that pull apart, one for him and one for you. The inverted side is for him, cradling and teasing his extra-special areas, and the rigid side is for you – think double the pleasure, as it gets your clitoris and labia buzzing at the same time. Definite must-have for couples looking to amp up the pleasure in the bedroom!



There’s been a buzz (ha!) around the We-Vibe 3 for sometime and it’s easy to see why – this couples vibrator has been perfectly designed to add extra hot pleasure to your lovemaking – every single time. It’ll stimulate your clitoris and G-spot, while leaving enough room for him, and soon tip you oh! oh! OH! over the edge…



Ultra-luxe and ultra-stylish, this gorgeous couples vibrator is designed to be worn around his penis for spine tingling pleasure. Think 6 indulgent vibration intensities, all of which can be adjusted at just a flick or tilt of the wrist; slowly build your way up from featherlight gentle vibrations to increased, all-consuming titillation. Now THAT’S an amazing way to spend Valentine’s Day!

My First Perfect Rabbit



This particular one is for first timers. The ultimate one for first timers. Rabbit style vibes have everything: there’s a shaft for penetration, which contains rotating balls for G-spot stimulation, and the bunny ear attachment vibrates against your clitoris (or turn it 180 degree to vibrate against your perineum while you manually stroke your clitoris). This one is waterproof and has three speed variations; start on the lowest and work your way up for a knee-trembler! What are you waiting for guys?

Vibrating Rock Chick


Done rabbiting? Try rocking instead. This U-shaped vibe is inserted so the hooked end presses into your G-spot while the external leg vibrates against your clitoris (like having a man’s finger inside you and his thumb against your clit). Loaded with the RO 80mm bullet vibe, it’s powerful, the medical-grade hypo-allergenic silicone feels sensual and it’s waterproof (handy for G-spot orgasms!).

Heart-Shaped Breast Massagers


These nipple massagers comprise suction cups fitted with mini vibrators. Attach them to your boobs for constant nipple attention leaving your, or your man’s hands-free to stimulate other parts! Less scary than traditional nipple clamps and the fact that they give you a touch of the burlesque, showgirl look means he’ll like them just as much as you do.

Incognito Discreet Lipstick Vibrator


For a tiny vibe, this punches above its weight, administering acute vibrations at a twist of the tube. Great for partner sex (no man could be intimidated by a little girly lipstick, right?), and you can take it anywhere – and, more importantly, accidentally drop it without anyone pointing and laughing. Just make sure friends don’t attempt to borrow your ‘lipstick’ when you’re not there.

Nobessence Long Fling Wooden Dildo


Designed to last a lifetime, NobEssence wooden dildos are the last word in eco-luxury. You can’t help but stroke them, they feel divine inside and wood warms to body temperature. The Fling’s designed to emulate the curves of your body and optimize G-spot massage and this is one partner that’ll never go soft on you. Twin with a clit vibe for maximum thrills.

Please consider the aforementioned points, utilize the availabilty of sex toys, rapidly spice up your sex life and do have a Sexmazing Valentine! Have a great weekend.

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