Figo Proposes 48 Team World Cup

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At his manifesto launching, former Portugal captain and FIFA presidential aspirant, Luis Figo may have come up with the craziest idea yet, proposing that 48 teams compete in the World Cup.

Conspicuously not supported by any major betting company, Figo proposed a world cup that would include 48 teams and played across two continents before the final stages of the tournament would be played at a single location. Figo’s manifesto read “My starting point in this debate is that by increasing the number of teams participating in the World Cup, we not only make sure that we include more countries from across the world in the greatest football competition in the world, but also enable Fifa to raise significant increased revenues that can be used to invest in the growth of the game globally,” Figo is looking to shake up a steady system and bring in more teams into a tournament that is considered the most elite in World football.

You get the feeling that Figo just blew his own campaign out of the water with his manifesto as a 48 team world cup over two continents is just not feasible and removes from the grandeur that is the World Cup.

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