Fans Defend TOKE MAKINWA On Instagram After Follower Dares Her To Post A MakeUp-Free Picture

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I believe whatever rocks your boat, that’s what you should be about. Toke is hardworking and I believe her fans are ready to go all out for her  sake, attacking anyone who dares to smear her name.

In recent times, TV Personality and Vlogger, Toke Makinwa has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top as she has paid her price over time in the entertainment industry. Her social media influence is one to applaud and second to none especially on Instagram as she takes her time to take very beautiful pictures, promote fashion outfits/brands and yes her many hashtags will just keep you amazed.

Some minutes ago, the resplendent and effervescent personality posted a picture on her Instagram page explaining that she was driving herself to a meeting since her chauffeur didn’t show up on time.

A follower dared her to post a makeup-free pic and then that was it! Her (Toke Makinwa) fans defended her in all sense. See the pictures, the 3rd comment after Toke.

Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa




Toke MakinwaToke MakinwaToke makinwaToke Makinwa

Jordan Abiola

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