Doyin Okupe Talks About ‘Political Masturbation’

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Doyin Okupe got on Facebook to talk about all the political banter on social media calling it ‘political masturbation’ as the contribution online should only make up 5%-6% of the population’s opinion.

Read his statement below:

People talk on face book and twitter as if the elections will be decided here. What goes on here is nothing but political masturbation. The actual voting takes place in the real world.
There are about 13m and 4.5m Nigerians on facebook and Twitter respectively. On the average because of multiple presence we can assume a number of 15m. 50% or 7.5m are not registered. Out of the remaining 7.5m another 50% will not vote. So we are looking at about a max of 3.75m voters from these platforms.
The projected voters for this election is expected to be about 52/55m. Therefore contributions from these two platforms is about 5/6%. Please be humble here and stop playing God.
I was on a national rsdio program at the weekend. For about 35mins 100% of contributors from all over the country were supportive of President Jonathan.
I have an independent poll report from the SW the result is adtonishing. 60% of over 18000 participant prefered Jonathan to Buhari. This trend was most prominent in lagos. This study was done by a foreign group
Indeed there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth in the Buhari csmp on the 28th of march and beyond. Those who have ears let them hear.

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  1. Medical Doctor, GEJ suicide strategist that cannot take care of our patients but ship out to India to get medical attention what all of you on social media to get out as your opinion those not count. Hmmmmm. GEJ follows on Facebook your views has no impact so says Doyin .

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