‘Don’t Create Fake Shekau’ – APC Tells FG

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The Presidential Campaign Organization of the APC has alleged that the government is planning to present before Nigerians a fake Boko Haram leader in its effort to show Nigerians they are winning the war against terrorism – Vanguard report.

The party also claimed the fake Shekau might become a tool to blackmail the presidential candidate of the APC, General Muhammadu Buhari (retd).

The Director of Media and Publicity of APCPCO, Mallam Garba Shehu, disclosed that he wondered where the ‘new Shekau’ had come from after government at several times in the past announced that they had killed the insurgents’ leader.

He said: “The charge to the military that they should catch Shekau alive by the President in the last 24 hours lends credence to the report that indeed a fake Shekau is about being created and we want to assert that the profile of the leader of the insurgents presupposes that the man is not likely to allow himself to be caught alive.

“APCPCO recalled that the attack on General Muhammadu Buhari in Kaduna was seen and believed by most Nigerians that it was perpetrated by the Boko Haram and the police that is constitutionally empowered to investigate such incidents has not contradicted the widespread belief that this was a Boko Haram attack.”

“The view of APC is that it does not make sense for Buhari to be in league with or be associated in any way with people who have set out to kill him.”

“Unfounded allegations linking the opposition to insurgency amounts to leaving the issues to pursue personal attacks as warned against barely 24 hours ago by leaders of the Catholic community in the country through Arch. Bishop John Onaiyekan.”




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  1. Jonathan is a criminal,corrupt man,her trying to used all power to stop buhari but G0D we not allow that, I seen buhari winning the presidential election. We ar tire of this man called jonathan. dontee.

  2. I wonder why APC is so scared of a “fake” Shekau. If he is caught and is fake, we would all know because we have seen pictures of him and therefore know what he looks like. At least, this time he will be alive and there will therefore be no mistaking his true identity. Secondly, if he is a fake, then one would expect the original to refute his capture on youtube as he has always done. In other words, whatever PDP plans to do, if it presents a fake Shekau to us, we would know and whatever he says would be disregarded, except of course, he is not Shekau (fake or real) and is just another boko haram leader. In that case, we would judge his claims and allegations against anybody purely ob the basis of their merit just as we judged the fake leader APC produced a couple of days back who tried to implicate Jonathan. We saw from his claims and from the interrogation, that he is not even a boko haram member let alone a leader. So APC, stop losing sleep over this and let Nigerians decide the authenticity of whatever he would have to say (if it ever happens). Except of course, Buhari is in deed culpable. God bless Nigeria.

  3. Why do dey seem soo bothered about this. No one from PDP brought about this shekau saga.. to me its called simple guilt conscience

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