BOOBS NO LONGER YOURS! Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ex Irina Shayk Shows Off Svelte Figure In New Swimsuit Shoot

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Irina Shayk is just too hot to handle!


Just in recent times, she broke up with the 3time footballer of the year Cristiano Ronaldo and she hasn’t flinched a bit. Landing deals of modelling shoots from one brand to the other. Just look at what Ronaldo is missing! Its the first time she has been single in five years and she probably is looking for a man in her life. A loyal man.

She posed topless in Kauai, Hawaii for the new campaign in a thong bikini, putting her very incredible physique on full show. Jaw-dropping physique she’s got.

Irina Shayk



The model, whose single status was confirmed in January, looks perfectly toned in barely-there swimwear, her taut stomach on display.

A second shot reveals Irina’s derriere as she turns to look over a hilly landscape wearing a thong two-piece. Showing an eyeful of sideboob, the model runs fingers through her wavy tresses and shoots a striking, sun-soaked side profile. Finally, to give her footballer ex a reminder of what he’s missing, Irina gets her hands dirty writhing around in the sand.

She spoke to E! News on Tuesday, Irina said: ‘What I’m looking for in a man is — I think I love honest men and I love a man who is loyal to women. I think this is the most important thing in [a] man.’

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