Boko Haram Threatens Niger & Chad For Sending Troops

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Terrorist group Boko Haram has threatened the countries of Niger and Chad with suicide bombings should they continue to send troops to fight them.

Leaders from Niger and other countries had met in Yaounde, Cameroon, to finalize plans for a joint attack on the terrorists.

In a translation published by the SITE Intelligence Group, Boko Haram sharply criticized Niger for joining the effort and said the country was being dragged into a “swamp of darkness.” Over the last 10 days, Boko Haram fighters have repeatedly struck the town of Diffa but not the capital.

“If you insist on continuing the aggression and the coalition with the government of Chad, then we give you glad tidings that the land of Niger is easier than the land of Nigeria and moving the war to the depth of your cities will be the first reaction toward any aggression that occurs after this statement,” it said, according to SITE’s transcript.




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