BOKO HARAM: The Horrifying Field Ordeal Of A Nigerian Military Combatant [Must Read]

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As the country faces an almost implausible mission to defeat the dreaded and deadliest insurgent group it has ever perceived in recent decades, a military combatant who is still nursing his excruciating wound from the presumably despicable voluntary servitude to his fatherland spoke to Vanguard exhaustively on Saturday about his battle field experiences at Gombe and Yobe axis and why he deserted the profession he loves so much.

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His narration which runs like a ‘war memoir’ is as interesting although the military has recorded reasonable success with more equipment with which they have attacked terror camps and killed a great number of them. However we present to you an interesting account of an officer who deserted the army from the battle front.

An Excerpts From Vanguard:

‘’I have served Nigerian Army for about twenty years. I enrolled through the regular course.

I have served in almost all formations in the country. I am from the middle Belt part of the country, married with two children, a boy and girl. I have also served in foreign missions in Sierra-Leone, Liberia and Dafur and we always came out in flying colours. Sierra-Leone and Liberia were for peace enforcement while Dafur was for peace support missions. We fought real battles at Sierra-Leone and Liberia for about one year. We were there as a member of ECOWAS and we proved our mettle. It was popularly called ECOMOG. The battles were tense but rewarding in the sense that we were heavily equipped and all we needed for the war were adequately provided for us. During the battles we recorded very minimal casualty though. You know that it is difficult not to record casualties in war situations.

‘’In spite of the fact that the war was being fought outside Nigeria, the Federal Government of Nigeria under General Abacha provided us with all we needed and when ever we complained of any inadequacy, the Federal government provided them without delay. That was the spirit and we relished and cherished it. It was such that we were all looking forward to being drafted back to continue with the war. But it is a totally different thing with the war against Boko Haram in the North Eastern part of Nigeria.

This is a war in which almost 95% of our soldiers fear to join. Our fears are not that we were not trained enough to face the challenges but simply because we seem not to be prepared, at all, for the war. A lot of sabotage, politics and other extraneous factors are seriously inhibiting the success of the war. Unfortunately, we are loosing a lot in men and materials. It is so much that whenever the toll will be taken, the world will weep for this country. Already, thousands of families are in deep grief, having lost their dear ones in the war.

For the remainder of the swashbuckling yet poignant ordeal, visit the link below.




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