BIZZARE! Teenager Raped By Her Grandfather Speaks Out

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She was raped when she was a child, now 18, she has summoned up the courage to speak. She spoke about how she was raped by her grandfather for 5 years.

Charlotte said that she was so young when she was attacked by Alen Burrows, 64, she thought it was normal.  He was described as being like ‘a child in a sweet shop’ whenever he attacked her from the age of five. Charlotte (not her real name) said: ‘When I was young, I thought it was normal. I thought it happened with every grandpa.

‘He would tell me this was what he did to me was normal. It makes me sick. ‘For five years it went on and I was just too scared to say anything. I was so scared my granny and parents wouldn’t believe me.’

PA REAL LIFE 3 Alen Burrows
Alen Burrows was jailed for 17 years for his attack (Picture: PA Real Life)

The attacks happened from the age of five when she would regularly stay over at her grandparents’ house which was close to where she had dance lessons. She explained: ‘We were on the sofa together watching Fantasia when Grandpa began tickling my tummy and legs. I giggled but then he sexually assaulted me and I froze.

‘I was too young to know what he was doing but I didn’t like it. He acted so normally afterwards I wasn’t sure if I imagined it. The abuse continued for two years before he raped her.

She said: ‘I’ve blocked out so much about that horrible night, the pain and what he said to me. It was disgusting. ‘I was powerless and just didn’t know what to do. He convinced me it was normal for so long. ‘It wasn’t until we were taught about sex in school, I realised what was going on was wrong’.

PA REAL LIFE 6  Alen Burrows - Charlotte
Charlotte eventually built up the courage to speak out when she was 14 (Picture: PA Real Life) 

When she was 10, she realised it was wrong and during a caravan holiday she fought back. ‘He tried to rape me but I screamed, pushing him away, she said. ‘It was the first time I’d fought back.

‘He looked shocked and backed away from me. The next morning, I decided that was it. I threatened him saying I’d go to the police.’ She eventually told a boyfriend when she was 14 about what she had been through and he persuaded her to tell her mother.

Burrows was then arrested and charged with 20 sexual offences. Last January he was found guilty of rape, attempted rape, six indecent assaults and more than a dozen charges of indecency with a child. He was jailed for 17 years, put on the sex offenders register and barred from having contact with children or vulnerable adults.

Charlotte is rebuilding her life and has applied to study nursing at university this year. She said: ‘I feel proud that I never gave up on justice. I’m still living with Mum and Dad and I feel closer to them than ever. ‘I’m telling my story to show other young girls that they shouldn’t keep abuse secret. ‘I’m proof you can get justice.’

Culled from MetroUK

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