Behold The LAGBAJA OF HOLLYWOOD! Sia Reveals Face Backstage At The Grammys

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She has got a beautiful voice and we can say she has a beautiful face at last!

The Chandelier singer Sia can pass for Hollywood Lagbaja anyday because of her habit of wearing a face or head wear to conceal her face. She arrived at the 57th Grammy awards in a huge blonde wig covering her entire face.

Sia at the 57th Grammy awards
Sia hides face with blonde wig at the 57th Grammy awards

However after performing live at the Grammys, the 39 year old Australian was spotted backstage without wearing anything to cover her face, giving a glimpse of her face and laughing through the corridors.

It was a rare sight to behold as the pop star usually hides her face due to unwillingness to be in the spotlight.  It’s cool to say, we love every bit of her look!

Incase you have never seen her face, that’s what Sia looks like






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